Nerd Games

Hi! We are an independent game development studio.

We love creating games!

Our projects

Burger Frenzy Idle Tap

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Craftpire: Idle RPG Tycoon AFK

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Space Factory

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The Neighborhood

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Mall Master

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Web API - Management System

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Mobile Management Platform

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What do we offer?

Game development

We specialize in creating professional games and applications for various platforms (PC, Mac, Android, IOS, Linux). We will create any 2D/3D game using the Unity engine technology. We will provide high quality code, graphics, functionality and gameplay.

IT Solutions

We specialize not only in gaming market, but we are able to provide you with
comprehensive solutions that are designed to support the flow of your business:

- creating web/mobile/desktop applications,
- sysops / devops solutions,
- consulting on scalability and cost forecasts for platforms

Customer first!

We believe in flawless communication - the customer can submit their suggestions
at any time during product development.
We focus on the quality of our solutions - we provide warranty and full support during the implementation of the finished product.

Contact us

We would love to work with you! Write us!

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